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Even more fun than playing guitar.
June 11, 2010 · Vreny's Misc Musings

  There is only 1 thing more fun than playing guitar: programming beats… I could do this non-stop. I just came across this song snippet on my audio drive. (click on following link) V’s Acid Jam    



Icky’s Ego presents their first music video “Chimera”.
May 3, 2010 · Vreny's Misc Musings
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  Icky’s Ego video “Chimera” released TODAY. Special thanks to our amazingly talented friends Pascal Payant from Montreal who directed and shot the video, Kim Wetherington who assisted the director and helped produce the video, our stylist Deann Dallas for style consulting and for her beautiful performances in the video and Robyn Newmark for image […]



It’s finally here: my new super guitar.
December 18, 2009 · Vreny's Misc Musings

I wanted to thank John Suhr, Steve, Chris, Neil and ALL the people at Suhr Guitars for their UNBELIEVABLE customer support and amazing, caring attitude. They always invite you in and welcome you with open arms, like you’re a family member. (while you would expect they don’t have time to do so cause they ARE […]



Vreny LIVE with The Swagger Sticks Saturday Nov 28th
November 23, 2009 · Vreny's Misc Musings

This is a ONCE in a lifetime chance to see/hear me play bass with The Swagger Sticks. This is going to be an incredibly FUN, entertaining show. Come join me for energetic, British influenced, rocking music, drinks and lots of laughs.



Some interesting, fast guitar playing. :)
May 31, 2009 · Vreny's Misc Musings

This dude likes to play fast. For those guitar players who are into shredding… this will get you off.



“Help Vreny help his favorite dance act “Flawless”!! :)
May 6, 2009 · Vreny's Misc Musings

This is beyond dance act. It never seizes to amaze me how incredibly small this world is.   🙂 To some of you about a month ago, I emailed following link, because I was TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY by this performance.  (blowing me away like this dance act did,  is kind a hard to do). Their […]



Hello World!
April 5, 2009 · Vreny's Misc Musings

Hello world! I finally found my way to blogging. I am super excited about this. Soon this blog will be accessible from This is THE place where I will keep all my friends, fans and musician friends informed on a very regular basis about my plans, goals and music, and where I will share […]



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