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Click on the links for more specific info on my gear. To all the gear heads out there: have fun learning more about the toys and tools I use!


Masaru Kohno Concert J Classical GuitarProduct Info

John Suhr Lefty ModernProduct Info

Larrivée OM-5 Acoustic GuitarProduct Info

Ocean Mysth (custom design)Product Info


Fender Jazz BassProduct Info


Barber EchelonProduct Info

At MarsProduct Info

Blues Pearl AmpProduct Info

Bob Burt cabProduct Info

Marshall Valvestate 8100 100W Head Product Info

Marshall 8412 140W CabinetProduct Info

Other Stuff

Evidence Audio Lyric HG Audio CablesProduct Info

Buzz FeitenProduct Info

D’Addario NYXL Strings 08-38Product Info

H10 Jazz SpeedPicks (angled picks)Product Info

Diamond Pointed” V-PickProduct Info

RedBear “Big Jazzer” (Heavy Gauge)Product Info



iMac 4.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i764 GB RAMProduct Info


Dell U2715H Product Info

Apple 27″ LED Cinema DisplayProduct Info

Recording Interfaces

RME Fireface UFX+Product Info

Midi Controller

M-Audio 88 key 88es USB Midi Controller Keyboard

Recording/Sequencing Programs

Pro Tools

Logic ProProduct Info

ReasonProduct Info

Other Rack Gear

Furman AR-1215 Power Conditioner/ Voltage Regulator

Eb Tech 8-Channel Hum Eliminator


JBL LSR4326P/PAK MonitorsProduct Info

Yamaha NS10s

Pioneer speakers


Shure SM-57 mics

Shure SM7B mics

Royer R-121

Sennheiser Evolution 906


Waves Gold TDM BundleProduct Info

SSL TDM Master Bus Compressor and SSL Console Channel StripProduct Info

BFD Drum Samples/GroovesProduct Info

Trilogy (Bass Module)Product Info

Ivory (Piano Samples)Product Info

Altiverb ReverbsProduct Info

OzoneProduct Info

Antares AutoTuneProduct Info

T-Racks (analog modeling)Product Info

Lizard LoungeProduct Info

Mixer (for monitoring)

Mackie 802VLZ3 Ultra Compact 8 Channel MixerProduct Info


Goodrich LDR2 Volume PedalProduct Info

Korg Tuner DT-7Product Info

Morley Steve Vai Bad Horsie Wah (Model VAI-1)Product Info

FoxRox Paradox TZF FlangerProduct Info

Maxon PH-350 Rotary PhaserProduct Info

Boss PS-5 SuperShifterProduct Info

Pete Cornish Tape Echo Simulator TES DelayProduct Info

Mojo VibeProduct Info

Xotic Robo Talk Envelope Filter/ Random ArpeggiatorProduct Info

Arion SCH-1 Stereo Chorus

Chicago Iron Octavian

Wells 8 Ball Octavia Fuzz

Full Drive 2 (overdrive)

Boss DS-1 (distortion)

John Landgraff Dynamic Overdrive

John Landgraff Wah Pedal

John Landgraff Clean Boost Pedal

John Landgraff Mo’D Distortion

XTS Atomic OverdriveProduct Info

McSqueeze Compressor

Heil Sound Talk Box

THD Electronics Hot Plate

Pedal Power 2 Power Supply

Boss DD-6 (digital delay for backwards delay)

Sole-Mate (VanAmps Reverb)Product Info

BOSS Acoustic Simulator AC-3Product Info

BOSS Loop Station RC-2Product Info

Radial JDV Mk-3 Active DIProduct Info