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“Vreny is the best guitar teacher that I have ever had. I have been playing guitar for the past 17 years. I have been a student with Vreny for almost 3 years. And I must say, that I have probably learned more and progressed faster than I did in the first 10 years of my playing under his tutelage. The lessons are fun and exciting and well thought out with no time being wasted. He wants you to get your money’s worth. The minute you walk in the door, he is ready to go.”

(Joshua Picard, guitarist Ninefinger)

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If you are new to guitar, you are about to discover an unbelievably fun and rewarding journey.

If you are anywhere from beginner, intermediate to highly advanced: you will find renewed joy and satisfaction with guitar and enrich your musical journey, as you will discover many new sounds, textures and colors, techniques and possibilities.

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Why Is This Approach so Unique and Effective?

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An Adventure Into Effortless Mastery

What I Teach.

No Limits, Be Whoever You Want To Be On Guitar… Find Yourself Into The Zone: Learn Whatever You Want To Learn.

There are many different ways to mastery in guitar: there is not one particular right or wrong way. The structured lesson plans are personalized and customized to your needs, goals, musical taste and wishes. You can learn anything. More in-depth information on the lesson plans and approach here:

Travel Your Own Musical Journey. What Can You Learn?


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We are dedicated to helping you deepen your joy with guitar.

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CBS News Ranks Vreny as 1 of L.A.’s Best Guitar Teachers

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“You are THE BEST”

(Sarai Givaty, top model/TV personality)

“I feel blessed to have been able to study with Vreny. Not only did I go from a beginning guitar player to an advanced level within two years, he also helped me compose the songs in my head, which are now up for Grammy consideration.”

(Angela Leo, singer songwriter)

“He is so friendly and makes you feel very comfortable, which is so important. His teaching method is very efficient and will have you rocking out on solos in no time. He packs as much into one lesson as possible, so you really get your money’s worth. He has obviously spent a lot of time crafting the way he teaches. He’s an over-achiever and after each lesson you are inspired to be one as well!”

(Alexa George, singer songwriter)

“His lessons move at a rapid pace to give you the most value for your dollar, but he’s extremely patient and has no problem going back over the same information until you’re confident that you get it.”

(Cela Scott, pro musician.)

“Whenever I go to a lesson I come out feeling charged and elated- no matter how I’ve felt coming in. It’s just that Vreny is so positive and his method of teaching so empowering on the guitar and in life in general that you come out feeling like you can do anything. And with Vreny as your teacher along with regular practice…you can.”

(Andy Cogan, manager)