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Some Quick Updates… new bands, productions, …

Time for some quick updates here: My book “Guitar Essentials” is doing well. Buy the book here “Buy “Guitar Essentials” on Amazon Famous Guitar virtuoso and Supertramp guitarist Carl Verheyen LOVES the book. He wrote a kick-ass testimonial for it. I became a best-selling author in the past month for both my books Guitar Essentials … Read more

Icky’s Ego presents their first music video “Chimera”

Icky’s Ego video “Chimera” released TODAY. Special thanks to our amazingly talented friends Pascal Payant from Montreal who directed and shot the video, Kim Wetherington who assisted the director and helped produce the video, our stylist Kim Wetherington who assisted the director and helped produce the video, our stylist Deann Dallasfor style consulting and for … Read more

It’s finally here: my new super guitar

I wanted to thank John Suhr, Steve, Chris, Neil and ALL the people at Suhr Guitars for their UNBELIEVABLE customer support and amazing, caring attitude. They always invite you in and welcome you with open arms, like you’re a family member. (while you would expect they don’t have time to do so cause they ARE … Read more

The Mayonnaise Jar

My very special, close friend Carol Jabbour from Melbourne, Australia, who I will for ever love deeply, just sent me following amazingly fun reading and special story. I had heard this deep story before.. but I never get tired of it. When things in your life seem, almost too much to handle, When 24 Hours … Read more

Where do I get my energy from

Very often times, I get asked where I get my energy from. There really is no secret behind it: it’s a combination of… doing what I love doing the most as my means of income Serving/helping people FOCUS: building self-confidence and self-esteem through focus on the things I want to achieve, and through focus on … Read more