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Icky’s Ego Honors their beloved “Ego Maniacs”

Our Icky’s Ego show last week at the Aqualoungein Beverly Hills was an incredibly fun experience.

A BIG THANK YOU to all who came to see our show. It meant the world to us to see all your lovely faces there.

I learned a very important thing on that show, and made an important decision after seeing this show.

I learned how much fun it really is to see your friends at your shows. As a result: I have decided to go see at least 1 show a week of someone I know. I already started this when I went to check out the show of my friend Cory Phillips yesterday at the Good Hurt.

The Aqualounge is an amazing lounge/club with a fabulous interior design. This is THE place to go to if you want to enjoy classic rock and hard rock siting in comfortable seats in a cozy, relaxed environment.

But while the atmosphere and vibe in the Aqualounge was very attractive and fun to be immersed into… it was THE PEOPLE there who made the vibe and who made our night.

We feel very fortunate to have such amazing friends in our lives, coming to our shows.

We, at the Icky’s Ego Castle, after numerous bottles of tequila and wine, were driven by a divine inspiration when suddenly it hit us: “We need to introduce our Ego Maniacs to each other so they all get to know each other and enjoy each other’s fun presence as much as we Icky’s do”.

So here it comes: “World… meet our Ego Maniacs (and come join their growing numbers)”.

(click on the names of each person to go visit their facebook/myspace/websites and find out more about them)

Al Marotta: I am glad I could return the favor coming to see you rock out again with Cory Phillips on Keyboards. You’re a hell of a keyboard player and I am proud to have shared the stage so often with you. Thank you for coming to our show at Taix a couple of weeks ago. I am excited about forming the instrumental jazz-rock band we talked about.

Jose Gonzalez: haha… my hiking buddy. Mount Baldy is nothing to us. Also a kick ass drummer, who I will be sharing the stage with this coming Saturday with The Swagger Sticks. Come hang out with me, Aron and Jose this Saturday. Thanks a mill Jose for coming to one of our shows at Taix.

Aron Gibson: bro… what would we do without you? Thank you for coming to ALL our shows haha. You’re our “Headmaster Ego Maniac”. I am super anxious to be on that stage with you this coming Saturday with The Swagger Sticks. Aron is one of my guitar Alumni. He’s also the rocking front man of
The Swagger Sticks.

“Ego Maniacs“ … Meet Leah Hanna King. Leah is my ALL TIME TOP favorite female vocalist. We’ve been knowing each other for centuries, yet this show at the Aqualounge was THE FIRST TIME she saw me perform live. All the other times she saw me, she was on stage as well cause I was her guitar player. Keep an eye of for this girl… she’s on the brink of becoming world famous.

Another dude who will walk the path to fame, is Joel Van Dijk. He’s a fellow colleague guitar teacher, and he lives a 3 minute walk from my place. Competitor? Not at all: great friend. The world is a big place: there’s work and wealth in abundance. Joel is one of THE most spiritually rich and aware people on the planet. I was glad to see him at our show, and I can’t wait to go check out HIS shows… he’s a fantastic guitar player and multi instrumentalist.

Brian Paperny… my dear good old friend. I will never forget how you gave me the MOST amazing concert experience ever, when you gave me Brian Setzer Orchestra tickets as a present 2 years ago. I was so darn happy to see you at our show at the Aqualounge. Hope your beautiful rocking orange Gretsch guitar isn’t collecting dust. Give your beautiful, lovely Brazilian girlfriend a big hug from me. Thank you guys for all the love and support.

Ben “Rasputin” Sidnikov: a kick ass drummer. Thanks a mill bro for coming to the show. I can’t wait to hang out with you in the new recording studio you work at. I am very excited about jamming together in the studio and working on projects. Your presence at our show made my day. Life is so weird and funny: if you had not had the courage to defect Russia in the Cold War days, we never would have met. So glad to have you at our show. I already know you and me will be the main back up band at the New Year’s Eve party haha.

“Ego Maniacs”, meet Brad Raderman. Brad takes guitar lessons with me, and loves EVERYTHING music. There isn’t one style we have not covered yet. Besides being a guitarist, he’s a kick ass lawyer who loves his trips to Bakersfield to figure out legal intricacies nobody dares to meddle with. He’s a sharp mind combined with a laid back fun personality. I was just really happy too see his face at the show.

Billie Anderson, lead and rhythm guitarist in Mandala, and guitar alumni of mine. Billie went from beginner, to REALLY friggin awesome guitar player in NO TIME at all. It felt good to my ego as a guitar teacher, but it really wasn’t me: he’s just THAT talented. Billie and I have been knowing each other FOR EVER. He’s not just one of my closest friends in town: Billie and his brother Joey are like brothers to me. It feels like we grew up together. Good to see you at our show bro.

Greg; house mate of Billie and Joey. Greg and I spent numerous night till early morning hours sitting on the porch of their house with a beer, discussing philosophy, existentialism, art, the mind, psychology and other enlightening subjects. And now I get to see him every week cause he decided to push his guitar playing to the next level. Thanks a mill Greg for coming to the show. Thank your friend Lee also for coming and give her a big hug from the Icky’sEgo band.

Lisa Steele. Lisa is definitely the loveliest person I have ever met. She’s learning guitar, and through learning guitar, learning about HERSELF. Like the Zen masters say: “Through one thing, know everything”. This definitely applies to Lisa, who is discovering more than she had imagined about life and herself, through the journey of guitar. Thank you for letting me be part of this journey Lisa: I will love you for ever for that. You’re one of our most devoted fans, and the Icky people love you. Thank you for your love and support.

Peter Petro: man… what would I do without you? Peter and I work on each other’s projects and are trying to make each other miljonairs. (it’s a long term project lol). Peter was my supervisor when I worked radio promotion, shortly after my move to LA. He’s my marketing and business go to guy if I need advice. He teaches radio promotion at renowned Musician’s Institute. He’s also a very special friend. When are we gonna go hiking again?

Justin Schaid: I was excited to hear about your new band project “Hear & Now”. Can’t wait to see you live. You can be darn sure the whole Icky’s Ego crew is going to be at your show when you perform. Justin is a super talented graphic artist and designer, who worked numerous amazing artistic projects. He’s one of the people I am gonna have to talk to when I need help with the book that I am writing. 🙂

Pascal Demeester and Keiko: I’ve only gotten to know you recently in past 2-3 weeks, but we’ve grown to love you guys instantly. Pascal is a BELGIAN (woohooo), unbelievably talented photographer. His partner, Keiko, is an equally talented hair design and make up artist. Icky’s Ego is super excited that you will be helping us with visual stuff and photography for the band. This is one of the best things that could happen to us.

Matt Crocco… yes the brother of Icky member Dave. Matt is a multi instrumentalist in a league of his own, playing drums and keyboards. He’s also super funny, and one of the co-inventors and developers of the sock puppets shows on MTV with his buddy Liam Lynch. We love Sify&Olly

Last but not least, a special shout out to Brian Hardin Brian is our driving force at the castle in the hills where Icky’s Ego resides. He’s a world class, world renowned top producer whose album credits are STAGGERING. He’s also the easiest person one can imagine to work with and super funny. Here’s his site: Brian David Hardin (on his site: click on the link “credits” and be amazed).

Icky’s Ego THANKS YOU for supporting us at our shows and in our musical journey.
It means the world to us.

As you can see: our “Ego Maniacs” are a very talented, diverse group of people… you all deserve to be called amazing “Maniacs” in your fields and endeavors.

We are very proud and honored to have you all in our lives and we are always thrilled to feel your presence and energy in the room when we are rocking out on stage.

Much love from Icky’s Ego.

Cela, Dave, Vreny and Philo

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