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Where do I get my energy from

Very often times, I get asked where I get my energy from.

There really is no secret behind it: it’s a combination of…

  • doing what I love doing the most as my means of income
  • Serving/helping people
  • FOCUS: building self-confidence and self-esteem through focus on the things I want to achieve, and through focus on being the person I wanna be and that I know other people like being with.
  • Thankfulness for the amazing people I have in my life, and for the great things that are happening in my life.

There’s more, but these 4 things specifically I think are the main reasons why I am always bursting with energy.

I think following sums it up:


WE are in control of our own happiness. Happiness TOTALLY IS a decision you make.

Speaking of “FOCUS”: your happiness is dependent upon your DECISION what you wanna focus on!

Do you want to focus on all the reasons why something can NOT work, or do you want to focus on finding and creating solutions?

Do you want to focus on the reasons why a relationship did not work out, or do you want to focus on the lessons you learned from it?

Do you want to focus on the mistakes you made… or on the lessons you learned?

Do you want to focus on shit that happened in the past, or on things you could do RIGHT NOW?

Do you want to focus on something someone says that you take personal, or on the humor there is in you taking yourself too serious?

Now you all know why I don’t need all that much sleep, and why I am constantly bursting with energy: I choose to not focus on things that take my POWER away from me or that could possibly drain my energy.

Life is too short… and so is yours.

FOCUS on the right things… nothing else matters. 🙂

Meanwhile… also focus on what kind a friends you attract in life: if you wanna know WHO you really are… look at the people in your life.

After all… my favorite band said it best: “I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together”.

Speaking of friends… I thought in conclusion, in line with the words in this post, that following video my friend Brian Hardin is producing, serves as the perfect icing on the cake. Brian’s message: “LIGHTEN UP”.

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