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It’s finally here: my new super guitar

I wanted to thank John Suhr, Steve, Chris, Neil and ALL the people at Suhr Guitars for their UNBELIEVABLE customer support and amazing, caring attitude.

They always invite you in and welcome you with open arms, like you’re a family member. (while you would expect they don’t have time to do so cause they ARE ridiculously busy delivering guitars and effects that are BEYOND top-notch, out of this world quality and craftsmanship.)

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU John and your amazing team of caring top level luthiers, designers and electronics people.

Every single person working at Suhr Guitars is a top class human being.

It was worth the long wait: here’s my new custom built lefty Suhr Modern.

The photos don’t do the rich, deep blue colors any justice.

Best guitar ever.

I have not been able to stop playing it since I got it. This guitar has EVERYTHING I ever wanted on a guitar but had never been able to get before.

The guitar is feather light, has an amazing sustain, and sounds ridiculously awesome, rich and versatile.

John’s pick ups sound unbelievable, and this guitar allows me to go from chunky funk rhythm sound, to single coil SRV and Hendrix biting blues, to screaming Randy Rhoads and Satriani, to warm fuzzy jazz.

I went to pick up my guitar in Lake Elsinore this noon.

Steve led me in the main office at Suhr Guitars to say hi and have a little chat with John Suhr, the master himself. Steve asked me if I had had a tour of the facilities before, which I had in the past, and which was unbelievably appreciated. It is an amazing feeling to meet all the people who spent so much of their energy, time, talent and dedication building your ultimate dream instrument for you.

Steve showed me my new guitar… It is indescribable what goes through you when you first lay eyes upon your new custom built guitar.

He then led me to a sound proof booth where I could play it and try out all the latest Suhr amps, pedals and gear.

While I was there, I bought the Suhr Shiba Drive (a kick ass sounding overdrive that makes me sound like SRV on fire).

They just only 2 days ago developed a new line of gig bags, which are not on the market yet. I bought one for my new guitar and Steve told me I was the VERY FIRST owner of a Suhr Guitars gig bag… yaaaayyyyy. 🙂 I am special haha. 🙂

I also received a gift: 2 free Suhr Guitar T-shirts… and of course: THEY LOOK AWESOME TOO. 🙂

Again: “THANK YOU Suhr Guitars”. This is the best guitar I ever played, which means something considering I’ve been playing over 20 years.

You made a dream come true for me.


And here with my Suhr T shirt. Yaaaayyy. 🙂


This is the most comfortable guitar ever

For the Suhr fans out there and the fans and guitar gear heads: here are the specs


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