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About Teaching Guitar and Music

Teaching guitar is very fulfilling and a lot of fun… if you do it right.

Unfortunately, based on stories I hear from many of my students, there seem to be a lot of private music teachers out there who teach for the wrong reasons, and who are doing disservice to their students with an acute lack of preparation and experience.

  1. students DO deserve the best… and should not have to deal with a half-assed, unprofessional instructor who is wasting their time and money being unprepared
  2. Great music teachers make the world a better place: teachers who perform better and share more and who deliver higher quality service towards their students, make their students much better in much shorter time. Students become happier, happier students affect their parents, husbands and wives who become happier, who affect all the other people around in their lives becoming happier. Us music teachers have an important role to fulfill. We turn people into helping us make the world a better place through music. Music has healing powers, and the more people we can turn to playing music, learning music, and sharing music, the better the world is gonna get.
  3. Learning guitar…. has a profound effect on your mind. This is shown in kids who learn music: THEY ARE MORE EMOTIONALLY AND INTELLECTUALLY DEVELOPED AND MATURE than other young people their age. The difference is VERY apparent. Developing your mind is developing the world… improving your mental and emotional abilities, is improving the world. Music does just that. THAT TOO is our responsibility and our role, purpose and destiny as teachers.

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