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Some of the people in my world

About Icky’s Ego, Sock Puppets, and great friends. Jeeeez…. Hard to believe this year just barely started, and we’re the 2nd of October today. I guess: the busier one is, the faster time flies. I’ve pretty much been working non-stop in past 4 weeks. Learned all the songs for Icky’s Ego and became the bassist … Read more


Welcome to Vreny Van Elslande’s official site. Thanks for stopping by. This is THE place to find out all about Vreny, his work, lessons, projects and his music. Please come back often. If music be the food of love, play on…

About Teaching Guitar and Music

Teaching guitar is very fulfilling and a lot of fun… if you do it right. Unfortunately, based on stories I hear from many of my students, there seem to be a lot of private music teachers out there who teach for the wrong reasons, and who are doing disservice to their students with an acute … Read more

Hello World!

I finally found my way to blogging. I am super excited about this. Soon this blog will be accessible from www.vreny.com This is THE place where I will keep all my friends, fans and musician friends informed on a very regular basis about my plans, goals and music, and where I will share my musings … Read more

Cool Things Coming Up

I am finally up and running again with the technology part of my life. 2 weeks ago I had this little computer issue, which led me to reinstall everything. You never know how much crap you have on your computer… till you have to reinstall it all again haha. But everything is going smoothly again. … Read more

Happy 2009

I wish you a fantastic 2009!!! This is going to be an amazing year. A lot has happened since my last update here. My recording studio is up and running. I spent past months reading thousands of pages in manuals of all the equipment and software I acquired. I don’t think I ever learned more … Read more