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I am finally up and running again with the technology part of my life.

2 weeks ago I had this little computer issue, which led me to reinstall everything. You never know how much crap you have on your computer… till you have to reinstall it all again haha.

But everything is going smoothly again.

Have not been sitting still. Besides the time-consuming computer reinstall and upgrading, I’ve been taking quantum leaps forward on my book. I figured out last week that I can turn EVERYTHING I have into pdf files. I could kick myself for not having known about this sooner already (after working with macs for 10 years now on a daily basis). But oh well: know I know I can do this haha.

So that is exactly what I started doing: turning my guitar teaching materials into pdf files, and suddenly, my book started taking shape. I bought this cheap software that allows me to create a table of contents, which helped me better organize the book materials, and things were rolling. I have written about 100 pages by now. I am extremely excited about this: it appears I will be finishing up writing in about 3 months at the rate things are going now. That does not mean the book will be done then. There will still be months of proof reading, graphics creation and so on. But at least I will be done with the hardest part when all the content is written and organized.

I spent all day in the studio past Friday producing and recording drum parts to 4 songs I am producing for my band project “The Scribe” with Cliff Tang. My friend Kal did some out-of-world drumming. I am right in the middle of editing and then mixing all the drum tracks.

Seems like this whole production will be finalized in about a month from now. Super excited about this music. Cliff wrote some damn good music… and the world needs to hear what we’ve been working on for almost a year now. Almost done.

Hell yeah… life is grand. This is a crazy awesome year.

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