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Happy 2009

I wish you a fantastic 2009!!!

This is going to be an amazing year.

A lot has happened since my last update here. My recording studio is up and running. I spent past months reading thousands of pages in manuals of all the equipment and software I acquired. I don’t think I ever learned more in any given period of time, than I did in past couple of months.

Only 5 weeks into 2009, and I already read 27 books.This is a very interesting year. I spend the first day of the year reading Focal Point (Brian Tracy) again, and used the things I learned from the book, to map out my 2009.

One of the very exciting plans for 2009 is my work with Cliff Tang. We formed a band together: The Scribe. I produced 4 songs Cliff brought in. The songs have come a long way. We are going in the studio next week to lay down the drum and bass tracks I sequenced and programmed: this time with a real drummer and bass player. This is going to sound FAN-TAS-TIC. Brian Hardin will be mixing the songs. They guy is a magician.

I had the pleasure of sitting in last Friday night in a mix session with Brian. He mixed a song I had produced and recorded in my studio for my friends David Park and Marie DeLorenzo. David and Marie write Christian Rock. Great song writing. You can check their www.myspace.com/steadfastp57 music I recorded here:

I referred them to Brian Hardin for mixing. Brian REALLY made it sound like a record. David and Marie were superhappy. I had the time of my life sitting in Brian’s studio and just listening to what he was doing haha. Too much fun.

I am watching quite a lot of movies also lately. I think I have a new movie added to my list of favorite movies “Das Boot”. Had never seen it before. Darn that movie is unbelievable. I went to see “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” with my friend Eleonore (who is born and raised in my home town but lives here in LA as well). Since we went to a very late night show of the movie, the theater was almost empty. So it really had us cracking up when 2 people came sitting next to us who turned out to be from… HOLLAND.

This coming Friday, we will be recording drums to the 4 songs I produced for Cliff. The drummer is amazing, a very good friend: Kalistratos Drakopoulos. We all say Kal. Check out Kal here:


We will be recording the drums with Brian Hardin.


I am incredibly excited about all of this.

More updates to vreny.com will be added soon. I just sent a long list of stuff to Lila to implement on my site. The biggest changes will be on the lessons page, where I am planning on having drills and practice tools available soon for guitar students.

This year I really also want to release a live album from the Jimi Hendrix shows I played a year ago.

I am planning on playing a couple of Hendrix Tribute shows here in Hollywood with my friends David Crocco and Cela Scott. Dave is an amazing drummer and Cela is a fantastic vocalist. It is gonna be awesome to bring Hendrix with a female vocalist who rocks.

Lots of work ahead. Will keep you updated as time progresses.


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