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“Help Vreny help his favorite dance act “Flawless”!! :)

This is beyond dance act.

It never seizes to amaze me how incredibly small this world is. 🙂

To some of you about a month ago, I emailed following link, because I was TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY by this performance. (blowing me away like this dance act did, is kind a hard to do). Their name is “Flawless”.

I watched this video probably a couple of hundreds of times in a row.

These guys are gonna make it big, they are beyond dance act: this is pure genius. There is something about their energy they hold, the special bond you can tell they have with each other, the amazing blend of timing, choreographic composition, athletic abilities, mental and physical control, the humor they mix in their choreography, the intelligence and the very obvious love for what they are doing…

that makes “Flawless” totally stand out from ANY OTHER dance act.

Sure there’s amazing dance acts, but just like there is only one unique you, and me…. there is also NOBODY like them. They are sensational.

I KNOW that one day I WILL work with these guys.

Hell… I’d reincarnate myself into a musical mix of James Brown, Sly Stone and George Clinton and spend whatever time it takes writing a “Funk/Soul Opus” or “Funk Symphony” to perform with “Flawless”, if that is what it will take to get to work with these cats.

So anyway…. speaking of how small this world is…

turns out that one of my former guitar students, the lovely Aisling Quinn from Ireland, who I miss very much…. personally KNOWS one of the people in Flawless haha. 🙂

Apparently Aisling has connections with Irish TV stations and is keeping busy managing artists in Ireland and Britain.

It is through her profession, that she has close connections with Flawless, which I found out about yesterday.

She emailed me yesterday asking to vote for Flawless, after which I responded to her, pretty much saying the same things as above in this email.

I was SUPER HAPPY with the email I got back from Aisling this morning

“yo i forwarded most of your email to Steady, the guy in “Flawless”, who lies on the ground and backflips into a headstand. He’s the guy i work with… he’s also the guy i got on the tv show with the dreads. :)..

the group were extremely touched by your kind words: they text me this morning..

OK… I already wanted them to win haha… NOW I DEFINITELY want to help them EVEN MORE!!! 🙂


Please help Vreny, me (lol), help “Flawless” win this thing. hahaha 🙂

It is not just that I promised Aisling I was gonna do this haha… I just REALLY want them to win so badly, and I cannot do this without your help .

Click on the link

  • http://www.gm.tv/index.cfm?articleid=31995
  • go to all articles (next to “summary”, left hand side of the page
  • scroll down to where it says “Britain’s Got Talent Showdown” and then click on Britain’s Got Talent showdown
  • & vote ‘flawless’

I know you are very busy, but this only takes half a minute. 🙂

In all fairness, you know: wether you help by voting or not, in the end it is not gonna make a huge difference for Flawless in the bigger picture of their career and artistic future; because either way “Flawless” will become famous and break through no matter what. Talent that well developed and nurtured through training and persistence, ALWAYS stands out, always shines and always gets noticed.

BUT… you CAN make a difference and speed up that process a bit (I am sure) by contributing now with this little gesture.

That would mean the world to me… and to them too I am sure.

I would not be surprised if somehow this email would find its way back too to the people in Flawless (probably through Aisling haha).

If that would be the case:

“Hey guys: I love what you are doing and I hope ALL MY FRIENDS will vote for you through this email”


In conclusion: to use my friend Aisling’s typically Irish expression: THANKS A MILL!!!!! 🙂

Seriously though…

thank you so much for reading all of this, and for helping me out getting those votes for these talented artists I very strongly believe in.

Your support means a lot to me… whether you are supporting me with your love, time and energy, or people I love, admire and believe in, does not make any difference to me.

Showing some love for people I love… is loving me indirectly as well. (if this does not make sense… don’t worry about it haha, just click on the link above, follow the steps and vote “FLAWLESS”… because god knows they deserve it. )


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