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Some of the people in my world

About Icky’s Ego, Sock Puppets, and great friends.

Jeeeez…. Hard to believe this year just barely started, and we’re the 2nd of October today. I guess: the busier one is, the faster time flies.

I’ve pretty much been working non-stop in past 4 weeks.
Learned all the songs for Icky’s Ego and became the bassist with the band. In past couple of days I’ve been starting up a Youtube page for the band. Check us out here:

There are currently no videos there with me on bass yet, but we are working on it. 🙂

While setting up the Icky’s Ego Youtube Channel, I came across some fun videos from good friends you have to know about.

The Swagger Sticks.

Following video is from my good friend Aron Gibson, whose album I played on. His band, The Swagger Sticks’ draw on class of ’77 punk and a wide range of power pop and indie rock influences from bands like The White Stripes, Foo Fighters, Killers, Green Day and Material Issue.

Will Greenberg

I also came across this funny video from my guitar alumni and good friend Will Greenberg, who is even more talented than I already knew he was, as shown here. This had me in stitches.

Teri Hitt, Cela Scott and Dave Crocco.

I also loved this next video, cause all the people in it are close friends.
Teri Hittis an awesome singer-songwriter. I am the guitar player in her band. The other 2 musicians in the video, are my band mateys in Icky’s Ego. I LOOOOVVVEEE these lovely, beautiful people. Only 1 person missing in this video to make the group complete, Brian Hardin… but I’ll cover that dude later on… so read on.

Matt Crocco.

I’m in a good place, with amazing, creative people in my life. The guitar player in the above video, is one my best buddies, Dave Crocco. The video underneath shows Dave’s brother Matt Crocco. One of the many things Matt is known for, is that he is one of the main guys who with Liam Lynch, created, directed, recorded and wrote the Sock Puppets, which was a HUGE hit on MTV.
They talk about one of the Sifl and Olly episodes in following video.

Brian David Hardin.

I spent a lot of time lately with Brian Hardin. I LOVE Brian. He is ridiculously awesome, and one of the best friends one could ever imagine. He is mixing songs I produced, and I am recording with Brian and Teri in their studio.

Brian is a kick ass unbelievable record producer and engineer, whose amazing credits range from Marilyn Manson, to Jerry Lee Lewis, to India Arie to Whitney Houston.

He’s much more than a music producer: he’s a crazy MEDIA buff. Brian is currently working on a film: “BIRTH of the NOW”, a special project that is very dear to him and that we all can’t wait to see released. Here’s the trailer:

I am off to a recording session with Teri Hitt now.
I’ll also be in the studio with Leah King, recording for her album.
Lot of exciting stuff happening.

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